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Magicians are a curious lot. They make things seem to appear out of nowhere. In reality these are just tricks. But magicians that have honed their skills to perfection make a good deal of money at these tricks. Even those that are not so famous have gone to great lengths to perfect their skills, and make even the simplest tricks seem like mystical magic.

In business, giving off a professional image can be a bit of magic too. Your business cards need to look beautiful and expensive, but just like magic; this can be a creative trick.

Business cards don’t really have to be expensive. You can present attractive and professional business cards that look like they took a lot of work to make and a lot of money to print, but didn’t really. These cards can be very simple to elaborate, especially if you use this, similar to Avery 8873, Template.

What is the Comparable Avery 8873 Template?

This is a simple template that allows you to customize all of your information on a business card. You can make a very attractive card by simply replacing the existing information in the template, in the same style as the Avery 8873 Template, with your own. Basically, you just write over all the preset information and replace it with your own.

How Do I Change the Information?

Just click the “Download” button for this template, similar to the Avery 8873 Template, on this page. Then double click the downloaded file to open. Once open, place the cursor at the start of the typed words. Delete the existing contact information and replace with your own information.

Print Out the Avery 8873 Compatible Template

Once you’ve changed all the information in the Avery 8873 similar, template simply click the “Print” button and your printer will print out a sheet of 10 business cards for you. If you plan on printing the coupon option out on the back of the card, just fill in the information on the template. Then reinsert the printed card paper into the printer; making sure the backside of the card paper is the side to be printed.

Presto, like magic, you have attractive, elegant and expensive looking business cards!

Download: Compatible with Avery 8873 Template

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