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Looking for a comprehensive software tool that can print address labels for your business, home or office needs? Then the, Avery 8460 Template similar, document is the right product for you. Depending on what you do with the labels, if you have a little space in your computer system, you will be surprised at how much this template can get. Its inviting design helps to ensure that your friends or customers are pleased.

Sheet Compatible with Avery 8460 Template: Usage and Compatibility

Address labels are always a challenge in a publishing company, but over the years templates like the Avery 8460 Template have provided tried-and-true solution that seems to work in every circumstance. The document with the same layout as the Avery 8460 Template produces address labels that are 2-5/8? x 1? in dimension and are compatible with Avery 5160, 5660, 5260, 5960, 5630, 8160, 6970, 8460, 8250 and 8660. Open space surrounded by company logo, company name and pattern can hold up to three lines of text. The document in the style of the Avery 8460 Template is perfect for showing off your business theme or printing labels for gifts for the holidays.

Downloading the Comparable Avery 8460 Template

Downloading the Avery 8460 Template similar, document is as easy as pie. Just follow the link on this page and you will be asked to save the file. Once you download the template, start using it for printing the label. Take advantage of the Bar Border design set where you have plenty of choice in selecting the border design for the address labels.

Anyone who has the Avery 8460 Template style document knows how cleverly this template was designed. You can have one, two or multiple sets of labels with this tool. The template is compatible with most operating systems as well as software. However, the user may have to enable macros before using the template by clicking on ‘enable content’.

Once the label design is determined, the next step is to align the text. The template has features that will automatically do this task for you. The template is also able to print up to 14 labels on one sheet or depending on the font size you choose. Overall, this template is a great way to save money and easy to use whenever you need labels.

Download: Compatible with Avery 8460 Template

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