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Creating file folders from scratch is a pain and takes a lot of time. Use the Avery 8366 Template style, document to create them instead and make the process quick, easy and painless. Creating your own file folders allows you to ensure that you save money and get exactly what you need. The simple-to-use and effective template will generate a high quality folder you can use to make organizing your paperwork a breeze.

How to Use the Sheet that Works with Avery 8366 Template

  • Download the freely available document similar to the Avery 8366 Template from the download link right on this page to your computer and place it in a commonly used folder.
  • After downloading the file navigate to the folder you downloaded it to and double click the file to open it in Microsoft Word.
  • Customize the file folder labels to match your needs. Add some bright yellows and reds if your child needs colorful labels for schoolwork, or keep it reserved and professional if they are for work folders.
  • Print the labels to you local printer when you have finished.
  • Save the template as a new file to make printing your customized file folder labels again easy.

Tips for Using the Sheet that Works with Avery 8366 Template

  • The Avery 8366 Template style, document can used as for both professional and fun files. You can customize it to fit whatever the occasion.
  • Use Avery brand file folder labels 5366, 8066, 8366, and 45366 for your printer for best results.
  • Print out only as many folder labels as needed. Most printers allow you to start printing at a particular location on a label sheet. This allows you to start half-way down an already used sheet rather than always using a new folder label sheet.

The Avery 8366 Template style, document can be modified so that different text appears on the label. You do not need to have the date started and completed for projects if other facts about the documents to be stored would be more useful. Consider what would be the most valuable information to put on the outside of a label.

The Avery 8366 Template style, sheet allows you to create unique folder labels for all of you needs. Go ahead and download the template today and get your creative juices flowing.

Download: Works with Avery 8366 Template

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