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When you own a company or are sending important documents, it is important to make a good first impression. One way you communicate your intention or make an impression is the type of shipping you use which can be improved with the Avery 8163 Template style, document. This easy to use template features ready to use, customizable shipping labels for you make an original, personal statement about yourself or your company.

How to Use the Document Compatible With Avery 8163 Template

  • To begin using the document similar to the Avery 8163 Template, you must first download it for free on this page.
  • After downloading the needed template, you may enter your information or the company information inside the individual labels.
  • If you don’t see any lines separating the labels, or if it looks like a blank page, open tools, go to layout, and click view grid lines.
  • To make all the labels the same, click ‘find and replace’ in the toolbar and enter the information you want into the space provided.
  • By clicking the insert tab on the top of the page, you can insert any pictures or art of your choosing inside the labels.

Tips for Using the Sheet Comparable to Avery 8163 Template

  • To insert images into the labels, Go to page layout, select page wrapping and select ‘In front of Text’ from the drop down menu. Then place the image inside the labels.
  • If you have downloaded a blank layout of labels, simply copy and paste the information you want inside all the labels. Then format them using the tools in Microsoft Word.
  • To save, click ‘Save As’ and name the file something you can remember, and place it in a folder that is easy to find so you may come back to it later.
  • To make an extra page, go to the last label on the bottom of the page, and press enter.

The Avery 8163 Template similar, document is a simple and easy-to-use template to make impressive and unique shipping labels for the common working or businessman.

Download: Template Compatible With Avery 8163 Template

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