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If you are facing the daunting task of filling out envelopes for such things as customer mailers, wedding invitations, Christmas cards or other mass mailing, creating your own custom address labels will save you time, money, and headaches. When sending a multitude of postal mail from your home or business, using the free downloadable Microsoft Word Avery 8160 template style, template to create mailing labels, will save you from looking unorganized and sloppy to customers. Having a customized label on your outgoing letters gives your invitation a personal touch.

How to Use the Document Compatible with the Avery 8160 Template

  1. Download the Avery 8160 style, template from this page.
  2. Compile the data that you will need to enter on the document similar to the Avery 8160 Template. If it is a multiple listing such as a return address for envelopes, fill in the needed information on the first label. Save, copy, and paste the same information on the rest of the sheet.
  3. After recording all of the information in to the template, save this template to a file on the computer. Print off a copy of your finished labels onto the specified label paper necessary.

Tips For Using the Sheet Compatible with Avery 8160 Template

  1. You may create one main folder of addresses and save to your computer for easy future reference. After creating new label sheets using the Avery 8160 Template style, document simply save the document to this folder also.
  2. Any labels that will contain the same repeated information can have that information recorded on to a page and saved to a file to for use when necessary without having to re-enter information again, simply re-name the new file.
  3. For labels that contain customer or family addresses, it is advisable to create paper copies of these labels for future reference in case of technical failure.

If you are using the Microsoft Word free download for the sheet in the style of the Avery 8160 template you can organize, customize, and print address and shipping labels easily and quickly saving you both time and money while keeping your correspondence looking professional and neat.

Download: Template Compatible With Avery 8160 Template

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