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Creating custom labels for CD-ROM and DVD media is a snap using our Avery 5931 template similar, document? This is a great way to customize a music collection or to add labels when creating a custom DVD. One aspect about labeling media is being able to be creative and unique. Our template allows users to enter names and include graphics to create a label that is customized. Click the link to download a copy of the document with the same layout as the Avery 5931 template.

One unique feature of our template is having a design that will print right to the edge. This will mean a label will not have a white border around the perimeter. Users who want a convenient way to label all their blank DVD and CD-ROM discs can easily make a custom label. A label is s great way to ensure a media collection is organized and easy to catalog; Printed labels can be placed on any blank media disc that has music, video, or data files.

How to Use the Sheet that Works with Avery 5931 Template Document

  • The first thing to do after downloading the template is to open it in Microsoft Word. This will show the template in a new project. Review the options that can be customized on the label. There are boxes that will be highlighted on the Avery 5931 template similar, document for entering information.
  • The next step is to enter the title for the media. This can be the name of a file, the contents of a disc, an assortment of pictures, the title of a movie, or the name of a band.
  • Media that is being produced for a customer may require a copyright date or information that needs to be specific.

Tips for Using the Sheet that Works with Avery 5931 Template Document

  • Multiple copies can be printed by using the same template. A user is able to print to labels per page for use on a CD-ROM or DVD disc.
  • A short description can be added to the label that is addressed to a customer or friend. The disc may be one of many and will need to have a number added.

Download: Works with Avery 5931 Template

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