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The document, similar to the Avery 5660, Template is more than just a mailing address label. It can be used for a number of other items such as gift tags, homemade candles, organizing files and cabinets, and so much more. This multi-purpose template is your one-stop shop for any type of label you may need. So whether you are a stay-at-home mom, self-employed, or a receptionist at a doctor’s office, the Avery 5660 Template similar, document is right for you.

How to Use the Avery 5660 Compatible Template

  • To begin, download the Avery 5660 template similar, document available on this page. There’s no charge associated with downloading the template, and there are no restrictions on the amount of times it can be downloaded.
  • After downloading, open the program in Microsoft Word. A new Word document featuring the beautiful template will appear.
  • All aspects of the template are customizable. You can change the font, clip art and much more. Feel free to alter any portion of the document, similar to the Avery 5660, template so that it meets your needs or the needs of your company.

Tips for Using the Avery 5660 Compatible Template

  • If you have addresses on an Excel document or any other type of document, you can easily do a mail merge in minutes instead of re-typing every address individually.
  • If you are making a return address label, instead of typing your information over and over again on every label, use the copy and paste function.
  • If you are unhappy with the images on your template, change them all at once by selecting the “Change All Pictures” options under the document in the style of the Avery Template.

So whether you are the creative type or you are the type of person that needs help to organize your needs quickly, the Avery 5660 Template similar, document is right for you. Download it for free now and find out for yourself.

Download: Compatible with Avery 5660 Template

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