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The document similar to the Avery 5267 Template is an incredibly useful tool that will allow users to easily create a directory that can alphabetically categorize a list of people, whether for a business or organization, while simultaneously tracking individual phone numbers and street addresses. The Avery 5267 Template style, document is not complicated to use and provides users with plenty of utility.

How to Download and Use the Sheet that Works with Avery 5267 Template

The Avery 5267 Template style, document is easy to use and download, customizable, and completely free of charge. The sheet in the style of the Avery 5267 Template should only take seconds to download, depending on connection speed. Once the download is complete, either open the template by right clicking the download in your browser menu and select the open option, or navigate to your downloads folder and open the template there. The template will open in Microsoft Word, which you can use to edit, customize, and fill out the template at your leisure.

Tips for Using the Sheet that Works wth Avery 5267 Template

Once the template is downloaded and open in Microsoft Word, you can begin to alter the template and fill out information.

  • To begin, click on or highlight the first instance of [Name] in the top left corner of the template. Change the instance by entering the desired name.
  • Repeat step one for Street Address, City, ST, and Zip Code.
  • Continue to fill out the template as much as needed. If you do not require all eighty instances it is best to leave them blank, although deleting them is an option.
  • When satisfied with the data entered, advanced users may wish to alter the formatting of the template. Font type and font size are extremely easy to change, and the addition of borders or a graphic will certainly liven the template up and make it unique.
  • If left in its default state, the template will be perfectly serviceable and retain its high level of utility.

Download: Works with Avery 5267 Template

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