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Rifling through multiple files that all look alike can become very frustrating and time consuming. Printing labels using the document similar to the Avery 5202 Template allows you to customize your files with different graphics and fonts to make finding a particular file much easier. The template is also useful to personalize business training or meeting folders.

About the Avery 5202 Compatible Template

  • The labels are 11/16? x 3 7/16?. They are sized for 1/3 cut file folders and are designed to be printed on Avery 5202 4? x 6?” sheets.
  • The template contains 7 labels per sheet and can be customized for your particular project.
  • The template is available in three different formats: left-justified graphic, right-justified graphic, or plain text.
  • The template is a free template that, once downloaded from our site, becomes available in your Word documents.

How to Customize the Avery 5202 Compatible Template

  • First, download the free, Avery 5202 Template similar, document from the link on this page. Choose one or all of the formats to download.
  • Next, start customizing your template in Word. The download will automatically open after it has finished downloading. The font and graphic section on each label will be separate, which allows you to keep the labels aligned properly. If you want each label to be the same, simply copy and paste your text and graphic onto each label.
  • Finally, print your template labels on the Avery 4? x 6? similar, sheet. Save your labels for easy access later.

Tips for Using the Avery 5202 Compatible Template

  • This template can be used as a great organizational tool. By choosing a different font color and graphic for each subject you are filing, you can visually find the right section without having to read all the labels. For example, a phone could represent “Call Logs” and a house for “Home Visits.”
  • The 5202 template can be used to create a customized marketing tool as well. Just edit the template to add your company name and logo to create a customized sticker for presentation folders and brochures.

Download: Template Comparable to Avery 5202 Template

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  1. Barbara A. Dye

    Thanks for having this download. I use many different labels and I appreciate this. Thanks again.

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