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Going to the post office to get address labels can take thirty minutes to an hour out of your day and ordering specially made ones can be expensive. Making your own labels is a quick, easy, and fun project. The document in the style of the Avery 5161 Template allows you to create expressive and engaging address labels on your own computer with using only Microsoft Word and a little bit of time.

How to Use the Document Compatible with Avery 5161 Template

  • First, download the Avery 5161 Template style, document which is available directly on this page. Choose a folder you use often or will remember for the destination.
  • Once the file has been downloaded go to the folder which you placed the template in and double click the file to open it in Microsoft Word.
  • Adjust the address labels to fit your tastes. You can replace the Name, Street Address, and other portions of the label to conform to your own home. You can change the image or tag-line that accompanies the label if you would prefer something else.
  • Go to the file menu on Microsoft Word and choose “print” and select your home printer.
  • Save the template with a new name to make printing address labels in the future quick and easy.

Tips for Using the Document Compatible with Avery 5161 Template

  • The Avery 5161 style, Template can be adjusted to fit any occasion. Spruce up your Christmas card mailings with something festive, or create a unique address label for your family member’s birthday.
  • Use Avery brand address labels like 5161, 5261, 5661, 5961, 8161, and 8461 for your printer to ensure compatibility.
  • Feel free to only print out one or two labels at a time, most printers allow you to start printing on any of the available address labels, so don’t be afraid to reuse old label sheets.
  • The Avery 5161 Template style, document can be used for mass mailings as well. Simply remove the tag-line at the top of the template and the picture and you can print out large quantities of address only address labels appropriate for the central address line on any envelope!

The document in the style of the Avery 5161 Template is a fun and quick method for creating interesting and festive address labels. Download the template here today and give it a try!

Download: Compatible with Avery 5161 Template

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