Compatible With Avery 10 Tab Template

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The document is similar to the Avery 10 tab template. A lot of Avery’s products can be found in retail chain stores. A 10 tab template is a table of contents that can be used for many purposes, either as a document that will be printed and placed in a notebook, filing folder, or other book that will use a table of contents, or it can be used as an electronic table of contents for other sections of the document itself, or contain links to other documents or files in other locations on a computer or on the internet.

How to Use the Document Compatible With Avery 10 Tab Template

You can download the document that’s similar to the Avery 10 tab template for free right here and begin customizing the template to look the way you want. However, there are a few things to know when you download and start using this template.

  • The Avery 10 tab template style, document is programmed with a macro script that must be enabled in order to use it. By default, Microsoft Office programs are set to have macros disabled to protect the user from any malware that could be contained within a document, so when you download and open the template, you will see a blank page. At the top of the page, a yellow bar will say “security warning, macros have been disabled, click to enable” and when you click on the enable content button, you will then see the template customization box.
  • Once there, you can enter in a title for the document, and enter in your list of contents in each of the tab texts boxes. You can also add pictures to the document’s title and text boxes if you want. Once you’re done, your 10 tab document will be all ready to use.

Tips For Using the Sheet Compatible With Avery 10 Tab Template

  • If this document is going to be printed and placed in a paper notebook or file folder, you will want to make sure have your contents listed in the correct order so that they will be easy to find when going through the tabs.
  • You could use this document to find other pages in the document, files on the computer, or content on a webpage by highlighting the text in each of the boxes and creating a hyperlink to the location.

Download: Template Comparable to Avery 10 Tab Template

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