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Every teacher and home school parent needs a good customizable calendar in their lives. Running a class without a calendar can be a rather confusing and frustrating situation. You need a calendar for scheduling field trips, activities and even assignments. A school year is a very busy time and all teachers and home school parents need to be as organized as they can possibly be. 

There are many different types of calendars you can download from the internet. You can download lesson plan calendars, a monthly calendar or weekly calendar. It really all just depends on what you want to keep track of. The Excel 2016 School Calendar template is a great calendar to keep track of the day-to-day activities of a school year in a monthly view. 

How to Use the Excel 2016 School Calendar Template?

Using the customizable 2016 School Calendar is free and easy.

  • First thing you want to do, is download the 2016 Calendar from this site.
  • Once you have the calendar downloaded, open it up by double clicking on its image.
  • The calendar opens up to the last week of December. Scroll down to the month and date you want to begin to record your event.
  • Click on the date you wish to record events. When your cursor appears, begin to type in your event. If you have more than one event for that particular date, click on the return button to create a new line.

How to Customize Your Excel 2016 School Calendar

Customizing your calendar is just as easy as recording your events.

  • If you click on a date to activate it, at the top of the screen is a fill tab. Next to that fill tab is a box with a color inside of it.
  • Click on the color box. A new box will open with a color selection.
  • When the color selection box opens, click on the color of your choice and it will appear in the box.

Customizing your 2016 School Calendar will be fun and easy to do. You cannot go wrong with this nifty calendar.

Download: Excel 2016 School Calendar Template

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