2016 Academic Calendar

Everyone involved in the educational process knows the importance of having an accurate school calendar. This calendar will mark things such as days closed for teachers training, holidays, vacations and so forth. Teachers, parents and administrators have found this is an excellent tool to have a school year go smoothly with everyone knowing scheduled events. One of the best tools on the market toward this end is a 2016 Academic Calendar Template.

What is an Excel 2016 Academic Calendar Template?

  • It is a pre-prepared program for the calendar year.
  • It is designed and produced by people who are familiar with school needs.
  • It can be obtained free on the Internet.
  • It can be used to print off any number of academic year calendars.

How Does the Excel 2016 Academic Calendar Template Assist the School Year Program?

  • Calendars can be printed for each student, school personnel and parents.
  • Calendars can be mailed to the parents to keep them aware of school schedules.
  • They allow the teachers, principals and other educational personnel to be aware of all planned activities.

How are These Templates Constructed?

  • Artists and professionals are involved in designing calendars that are practical and simple to use.
  • It is possible to obtain a template that will fit any schools particular situation.
  • They are made of sturdy material that can be used as many times as needed without becoming damaged.

How Will the Excel 2016 Academic Calendar Help with Parent/School Relationships?

One of the biggest problems in education today is lack of communication between the school and the home. Educators realize that they can no longer depend on a student to convey needed school information upon reaching home. As a result, it has been found that direct communication is essential for a parent to understand the school’s schedule and how it pertains to their child.

Often arrangements must be made for a student’s supervision when school is not in session. Once a parent has an Excel 2016 Academic Calendar template, it is simple for them to secure assistance ahead of time. In addition, it lets the parent know when special events are planned such as Parent’s Night, plays and other things in which they can be involved. As a result the school/parent relationship is greatly improved.

Download: Excel 2016 Academic Calendar Template

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