2014 School Calendar

Microsoft 2014 School Calendar

Being in school can be exciting for a young person. It allows them to be a part of stimulating experiences such as baseball games, music recitals, and prom. School can also be stressful with homework, research papers, and tests. With so many responsibilities, a young person can easily forget about things that need to be done. Forgetting things that need to be done will cause them to fall behind on assignments and miss practices. Using a 2014 School Calendar will help them plan their year so they will not forget.

How to Use the 2014 School Calendar Template

The 2014 School Calendar is a free software program accessible through Microsoft. This Excel program is easy to use. All a young person needs to do is download the program and fill in the template.

  • First, type in customizable data. Type data in the appropriate boxes based on day and month.
  • Second, set up fields for specific months. Data can be typed in the boxes of upcoming months. For example, a biology test scheduled for the seventh of October can be recorded in July.
  • Third, use the notes section at the bottom of each calendar box to detail significant events.

Tips for Using the 2014 School Calendar Template

The simple design is not the only feature that comes with the 2014 School Calendar. This program has features that allow users to change the background color of a calendar, to change the color of the font, and import photos. These features can be used for more than decorations. They can also be used to:

  • Mark a month as a reminder of a holiday or anniversary coming up. The photo feature is beneficial to a user for this purpose.
  • The font-color-changing feature can be used to highlight deadlines for research papers, quizzes, and tests. Using different colors for these events better distinguish them from one another and other events.

Planning a year is necessary to become or remain organized. In the case of a young person, being organized will help them excel in school. It will also help them Excel in life. 

Download: 2014 School Calendar

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