2014-2015 Academic Calendar

Free 2014-2015 Academic Calendar

An academic calendar is a ubiquitous feature of the website of any educational institution. And these days students, relatives, friends, and other interested parties take an easy-to-navigate academic calendar as a matter of course. But even if academic calendars are routine documents for their users, the fact remains that they take a lot of time and effort to create. And all too often even after all the effort put in they remain unattractive and difficult to navigate. Wouldn’t it be great to kill two birds with one stone? The 2014-2015 Academic Calendar template available from our website can provide your organization with a high quality academic calendar and save your staff time and drudgery. Let us help you stand out from the crowd with an inviting online calendar!

How to Use the 2014-2015 Excel Academic Calendar Template

  • Simply download the 2014-2015 Excel Academic Calendar template from our website. It’s easy! And it’s absolutely free.
  • Then just open the document in Excel and get cracking. The template can be easily customized to suit the needs of your institution. With the click of a mouse you can change the layout, add or delete fields, rearrange data fields, and more.
  • There is no need to be an Excel wizard to get the full benefit out of the calendar. It is designed to be easy for anyone with basic computer literacy to use.
  • Next, enter your academic calendar data and upload the document to your website! Or you can just circulate the document internally for the information of your staff.

Tips for Using the 2014-2015 Excel Academic Calendar

  • Visitors to the academic calendar page of a school’s website are often looking for very different things. It might be worth your while to have a front page with basic information in bullet point form: semester start and end dates, the dates for breaks and exam periods, and so forth.
  • Then you can include more detailed day-by-day information in subsequent pages. That way there is something for everyone!

Download: 2014-2015 Excel Academic Calendar Template

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