2014-15 School Calendar

Free 2014-15 School Calendar

During the summertime months, many teachers find it helpful to set up a 2014-15 school calendar of events for the fall. This is something that will be handed out on the first day of classes so that the students will know what to expect for the year.

Many important events and due dates will be on the 2014-15 school calendar. Creating a calendar of events for the school year is simple using a template designed for educational institutions. We have a simple to use template. It will make it simple for academic professionals to fill in for the entire school year.

How to Download the 2014-15 School Calendar

  • Navigate to the template on our site.
  • Click the link provided to download the template to your device.
  • Save the template where you will easily find it. In a special folder or on your desktop are common choices.
  • Open using your favorite spreadsheet program. Open Office or Microsoft Office are two choices.
  • Customize the school calendars according to the events for your educational institution or class.

What to Include on Your 2014-15 School Calendar

  • List scheduled days off and early dismissal days.
  • Include important due dates for assignments.
  • Note class and school events.
  • Include holidays.
  • Add special school events and functions.
  • Mark semester beginnings and endings.
  • Include special projects and due dates.
  • List seasonal breaks like spring break, fall break or winter break.

Having all this information available on a 2014-15 school calendar will help teachers and instructors keep students on time and informed. Using our template is easy to customize with graphics, colors or shapes. Customize for the appropriate age level and course type. Teachers and instructors of all classes and courses want to help their students succeed. By using a customizable 2014-15 school calendar template, the whole class will be on the same page. Assignments will be turned in on time. Everyone will know when class is on a scheduled break.

Download: 2014-15 School Calendar

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  1. Marcus

    I love the format of the 2014-2015 calendar (color selections). I noticed you don’t have a 2015-2016 version of this yet. But I did find a customizable 2015-2016 calendar on this site. What I think would be perfect is if you had the same theme as the 2014-2015 available with the customization you have on the 2015-2016 version (with the arrows that you can select different years/months).

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